Tuesdays have been for treatment for longer than I can remember

Since late 2016, Tuesday has been my treatment day… and since January 2017 every Tuesday I have been getting the same drug pumped into me…

But as of this week, Tuesday will be the same as any other day, not treatment day. I am in the limbo of stopping my current treatment and waiting to start a new drug, which will likely be a daily tablet.

I haven’t been in this place for many years, and it’s a scary place because your mind is just thinking about what side effects the new treatment will have on you, what impacts will it have on my life and most importantly… will all of the side effects be worth it and see my tumour shrink (can only hope!)

So you can imagine that I’m both excited and nervous to have my Tuesdays back.

More to come on this new era of dealing with my desmoid tumour. I see my oncologist again in 2 weeks to finalise what my plan is to shrink this bugger of a tumour!