15 years ago, I went to get my eye checked because I had noticed a black curtain gradually covering my right eye. Before I knew it, me and my parents were rushed in to see an eye surgeon that same afternoon.

We were told I had a severely detached retina and I would need major surgery in a matter of days.

I was 15 years old, in year 10 at high school.

Since then I’ve seen him every year for a checkup and in the early days, additional surgery for further detachments.

Naturally I’ve noticed the passage of time over this periods and seen him grow as a surgeon. Personally over this time I’ve finished school, uni, lived overseas, started full time work amongst lots of other things!

What really surprised and touched me was hearing from him in recent years that it’s been similar for him.

For example, when I first started seeing him, his daughter was a toddler, and thrown in front of him was a pretty demanding teenager who didn’t want to change her life to look after an eye. Now she is around the same age as I was back then and he has joked to me that he now understands why I was the way I was.

What struck me the most was him saying that seeing me each year is like a barometer of time for his life. He still remembers in detail the day I was referred to him and how when seeing my parents he knew he had a huge responsibility to make the right decisions.

Today at a checkup, we marvelled at what a good outcome I’ve had, given when I showed up at his rooms I was close to losing sight in my right eye.

Today was a new milestone in this long relationship. I had to get a scan to check for macular disease that is important to monitor as people get older..