Recently I got some news that was not so great about new complications with my FAP condition, that has challenged my positivity and made me once again come face-to-face with the devastating and unfair disease that FAP is.

A large part of FAP is the growth of polyps in the large bowel, duodenum and ampulla. I’ve had my large bowel removed eliminating any chance of bowel cancer, and every year I get scopes to check the duodenum and ampulla. For the last 3 years there has been no growth and all polyps have been small. Until the last scope in August this year… when they were significantly larger. I’ve seen the photos and even to my untrained eye I can see it has grown much larger and needs to be taken out.

The problem is I haven’t had to deal with any bad news for the last year. Things have been good, my desmoid tumour is behaving and I’m getting on with life. More significantly, I haven’t had any polyp/FAP associated complications since my diagnosis and bowel surgery, so I’m really feeling this as a significant new progression and having a reality check that this is the condition that keeps on giving, but not in a good way.

Throughout all of this I’ve always known and appreciated how lucky I am to have no pain and to be able to fully function around my treatment and care. At the same time it also makes it harder to stomach that things are so wrong inside of me, yet I can be fine on the outside and am able to do active things like bush walks, holidays and jogging the city2surf. I’m going to keep holding on to this zest for life and normality because without it I will be a mess I’m sure.

The next step for me is to see a new senior gastroenterologist who has a lot of experience in resecting ampulla polyps. I look forward to meeting with him and working out a plan of when I will have the procedure. I know how my mind works and I think by having the appointment and knowing when it will be taken out will make me feel much better and at ease about the whole situation.

Until then I’ve got to navigate the waiting game until my appointment later this month.